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LUZ by Morodo

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  • Artist: Morodo
  • Album Genres: Reggae, Music, Hip-Hop/Rap, Hip-Hop
  • Release Date: 2020-06-12
  • # of Tracks: 13
  • Album Duration: 44:48


PlayCan’t Stop (feat. HDO) by Morodo (03:13)

PlaySeguiré Cantando (feat. HDO) by Morodo (03:45)

PlayEsperando al Sol (feat. HDO) by Morodo (03:12)

PlayHermano (feat. HDO & Ed Bassie) by Morodo (03:09)

PlayN.W.O (feat. ToteKing & HDO) by Morodo (03:27)

PlayLa Vida del Maleante (feat. Jah Nattoh & Okoumé Lions) by Morodo (03:31)

PlayJaque Mate (feat. HDO & P. Leyenda) by Morodo (03:12)

PlayComo Lluvia en la Sequía (feat. Gabylonia & HDO) by Morodo (03:42)

PlayHip Hop Sparta (feat. DJ Cec & HDO) by Morodo (02:45)

PlayBelieve Me (feat. Tiano Bless & HDO) by Morodo (03:39)

PlaySolo Hay Una (feat. HDO) by Morodo (03:26)

PlayPagando Payola (feat. Ganjahr Family & P. Leyenda) by Morodo (03:16)

PlayHot a Fyah (feat. Okoumé Lions & HDO) by Morodo (04:26)

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