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Millennium by Juse Ju

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  • Artist: Juse Ju
  • Album Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
  • Release Date: 2020-06-19
  • # of Tracks: 10
  • Album Duration: 33:48


PlayKranich Kick by Juse Ju (03:17)

PlayMillennium by Juse Ju (03:00)

PlaySayonara by Juse Ju (03:33)

PlayClaras Verhältnis by Juse Ju (03:12)

PlayEdgelord (feat. Milli Dance) by Juse Ju (02:52)

PlayTNT by Juse Ju (03:43)

PlayIch hasse Autos (feat. Bonzi Stolle & Panik Panzer) by Juse Ju (03:24)

PlayMTVs Most Wanted (feat. Mädness) by Juse Ju (03:01)

PlayModel in Tokio (feat. Nikita Gorbunov & Mia Juni) by Juse Ju (03:35)

PlayUnter der Sonne by Juse Ju (04:08)

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